Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Oh, my grossness.

I cannot drive by a “yes on 8” street corner rally without instantly becoming thunderously angry, and I will admit it: I roll down my window, and use my freedom of speech to tell them what inbred pathetically religious prejudiced jerk-butts they are. And occasionally I will throw an old taco bell wrapper at them.

I live here, in this world. And people are trying to take an equal right away from me?

Mind you, I am a heterosexual girl, in a hetero relationship. I am afforded the right to marry a man. I would be absolutely devastated if anyone took that right from me. However, some stupid religious right is trying to make it so one whole group of people cannot get married. That turns my right to marry unequal.

I am no better than anyone else: I support love, equality, and freedom. I will not be treated better than anyone else.

How is it that a man who strays from his wife is still legally permitted to, how do they word it, oh, “protect the sanctity of marriage”? Or a self-confessed convict is allowed the right to marry. Even former chesters.

How about hermaphrodites? Can we single them out, too? Are they allowed the constitutional right to the pursuit of happiness? What about, dare I say, interracial marriages? Fifty years ago, that was frowned upon and considered immoral.

Oh, and, my personal favourite. Proponents of yes on 8 have spent well over $25 million trying to take away a right from people whose lives don’t even effect them. I could give two sh*ts who marries who/does what. I am force fed enough Brangelina, Britney, and Iraq war that I have no room to interfere in other people’s lives. I am trying to live my own, in a country who rigs its voting booths, and wages fraudulent wars.

There are seven year old girls being sold into marriage in other countries. I have an idea. Let’s take this $25 million and save those girls, and protect them instead of trying to prohibit two consensual adults who are in love from getting married. Or, we could help people who are living on less than a dollar a day. No! Why could we? They probably made the Yes on 8 shirts in some sweatshop anyway.

This is, at the very least, regressive. Those of you who do not support homosexuality, fine. But think of it this way: If we strip a whole group of people of their rights now, who is to say you are not next?

We could try to impose the same rules to people of a certain creed, or certain religious affiliation. If 8 passes, it will set a precedent. A dangerous precedent.

If you don’t like something, why bother over-involving yourself in their life? If I didn’t like the colour blue, I could make a conscience effort not to buy something blue, but if someone wore a blue shirt near me, I could do one of two things: Badger and oppress the hell out of them, or, I could choose to not pay attention to their blue shirt.

Grow the hell up, people. This proposition has created a ruckus and is causing people great sadness. In my opinion, stealing someone’s smile from them is far worse a sin than vowing to love and honour someone for the remainder of eternity.