Saturday, January 16, 2010

The forbidden kiss.

First of all, I must say that Glambert is insanely hot, and looks awesome with purple hair. This kiss was so delicious, but also infamously wide spread amongst the haters who didn't even watch "Idol" who commissioned all their church patrons to vote against him, in block phone calls, because he is a homosexual.

Well, hot damn.

Then, his kiss was blurred on the AMA awards, while Shakira got her booty slapped by another girl, at the same awards show. No blurring there. Why don't we just explore all the girl on girl action that has been almost revered and undoubtedly yanked to, and then we have a hot gay man making the homophobes feel a little funny, so he gets edited.

Disco stick anyone? Here's Hillary Duff getting in her trendy bi action on Gossip Girls.

Shakira with a girl train smacking her ass.

The OC kiss

And here is a montage of celebrity girl kisses.

The legendary Britney and Madonna Kiss. Oh, and, poor Christina. She gets left out of the headlines.

John Tucker Must Die

There are many more, and I will post them as I come across them. I only listed the most widely known actresses. There are many unknowns, and others I left out, because I think the point has been made.

Prop 8 (Prop Hate) ... see what its done!

Finally, we are at the first federal level of the prop 8 trial! This is groundbreaking, and I think will open a lot of eyes and show what a hateful and discriminatory act this prop was.

Here is a very important video to watch.

It cites a brief list of 40 things that have occurred showing that discrimination against the GLBT community is very obvious, despite the proponents trying to say that the movie "Brokeback Mountain" is a reason why that is not true.

I will tell you what sucks most. I am in California, but I was born in Jersey and spent half my life there. Marriage equality was defeated, there, too. I am just another straight against prop 8. This blows, so much, because people are better than this. Divisiveness and inequality is not the christian thing to do. You haters should all rally up in Utah and secede and lead your own country run by Palin.

Two daddys show their family doing day to day things. Hardly satanic or worthy of burning a city down, if you ask me.

Marilyn Manson

I think his intelligence has been far underestimated. He went against Bill O'Reilly, and he, obviously, outsmarted him. Most do, but O'Reilly rarely lets anyone speak, and he was actually fairly quiet for the interview.

I also placed one of the best interviews I have ever seen Marilyn Manson give, in the movie, "Bowling for Columbine."

And, here he is at a Phil Donahue show, and Donahue quotes him, and it was really well stated.

Marilyn on his jail time.

And, with one of my other favorites Bill Maher on Politically Incorrect. I am finding so many, that I chose the best part of the interview where Florence Henderson (Carol Brady) really owns it.

The quality is not the greatest.

His art is AMAZING! And this is just a glimpse.

And, of course, something a little controversial. He is a rockstar after all.