Sunday, May 9, 2010

Greatest Campaign Ads of All Time

Hey, blogolians. All five of you. The four public, and the one still too ashamed to announce they are following me. Unless, of course, you are my nemesis spying on me. That thought has crossed my mind.

Update - I am sorry I have taken two weeks to get to my blog. I know I declared Sunday the day of blog worship, but I am going to be changing that to Saturday, hopefully weekly. Work is sooooooooo busy right now ....

I have found the funniest campaign ads ever.

Murray Hill Incorporated is running for Congress.

Roseanne Barr campaigning for George Bush.

Michael Moore campaigning for George W Bush (in response to all the smear campaigns against Kerry for not being gravely injured in combat).

Ficus Plants running for congress, and yet another stolen republican election. Originally a ficus plant ran for congress in New Jersey, where voters could write in their vote for ficus.

20 other districts caught on and ran their ficus plants, too. When the vote came, the ficus had more votes than the representative, but the clerks refused to count the write-ins, because they were embarrassed.

The campaign ad begins in part two @ 4:30.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3