Thursday, November 6, 2008

Let's over-rule 8.

In addition to this going to higher courts, Every NO on 8 - see this petition, and sign it. It will urge the governor to reopen the proposition; it highlights all the misinformation the yes_on_8's provided our citizens, and its filthy discriminatory basis.

Send this to everyone you know over and over and over.

And the yes_on_8's who regret their decision, having been fraudulently lead to a wrong vote, sign as well.

Friday, October 31, 2008

I see you are wearing a shirt. Does that mean I am wearing a blouse?

Please send this to everyone you can. This is a truly grass roots effort; we need to build up as much steam as possible.

Please post this; citizens need to know what is going on in the streets, and behind the scenes:

Now the yes on 8 group has orchestrated several attacks on the no on 8 website, precluding people from making donations, and they bought up every typo-version domain to point to theirs. They are fighting below the belt, on top of the rest of the great christian behaviour they have already exemplified.

This is becoming neo-nazi behavior, and has already been tyrannical. They are now, LITERALLY, stealing our freedom to press.

I went out to protest against the prop last night and the night before. This is what sense the fanatics on the other side make:

1. I spoke with a black girl in her teens. She said gays have not had to face oppression as strong as having to go to your own water fountain, and this is no similarity.

Effectively, her church has persuaded her into justifiable anger about the segregation blacks went through, but has pointed her anger in the wrong direction. She is young enough, that she is moldable, and this is how the yes on 8 people are protecting your children. By misguiding them for their benefit.

2. I spoke with three young girls who were holding a sign: Prop 8 = less government.

I advised them there is a separation of church and state. They said, “not anymore” and smirked.

3. I spoke with a mother who is professing that Prop 8 is about parental rights. I asked how. She said, “They will teach kids homosexuality in school.” I advised that existing California law allows them to opt out of anything they don’t want taught to their kids in sex ed. Her response was: “Nuh-unh.”

I then asked her if she would allow heterosexuality to be taught in school, she said “not until kids are the right age.” I asked how she is so sure that that is not being taught to kids under 13/14 or so. She said there is a California law protecting her and allowing her to opt out of that. Odd.

Their idiocy, hypocrisy, and fanaticism makes you want to scream. They had children at the protest, mimicking their parents’ hate and disdain toward gay people. Rather than teaming up as a good church community, they taught their kids INTOLERANCE, and proudly boasted that. And then offered me some brownies and pizza, because they are so loving.

4. One of them said, “When my husband ejaculates into me, I have six opportunities to reproduce. If I get a warm feeling right here (gesturing toward her chest), then I know I have become pregnant.

She probably belongs in a straight jacket.

5. One of them said that all presidential elects are against gay marriage. I explained to them that Biden went on the Ellen show stating very clearly that he would vote NO on 8 if he were a California citizen and he congratulated her on her marriage.

The reaction I got was, “(baffled), Oh, really? (And then his rationalization - ) Well, that is because he was on a lesbian’s tv show. Of course he would say that. Duh.”

I said, “Biden did have the opportunity to exercise his right not to appear on a lesbian’s tv show.”

His answer: “Well, I just won’t tolerate it.”

We are out there fighting against geniuses.

One yes on 8 woman told me her uncle was gay but she loves him. I just shoe'd her away, because I didn't want to talk to her. She is the kind that would earn a backhand.

Two people called me a f-a-g last night. One asked if I were a lesbian, one grabbed his package and told me to “suck it”.

If parental rights are at stake (which the super-intendant of the schools of California already refuted), then you need to initiate a prop that allows more parental control of the curriculum. You do not initiate a prop denying people the right to marry, and then hold signs that this is about parental rights.

If freedom of speech is at stake (which has nothing to do with this, the argument is only used to enrage the white trash-nra-member-type moron), you need to start a proposition that helps protect your freedom of speech, not initiate a prop denying people the right to marry, and then hold signs that this is about freedom of speech.

California will in no way force a church to marry a gay couple if it is against their religious beliefs. It will have no effect on tax exemption status.

I have never seen such a dirty fight before. When Bush ran against McCain, their underground smear campaign in Alabama and neighbouring states (though not true) was that McCain had a half black baby, like mating with a black woman was a bad thing.

I laugh when I see minorities fighting for yes, when I really want to cry. They have no clue they are being bamboozled, and that the churches will oust them next. They have no idea they are being brainwashed, or they are so outrageously sad, that they will latch on to anybody seeming to care about their plights.

I keep thinking about the movie, “Hunchback of Notre Dame”. There was a scene when Quasimodo ran to the church, and started screaming SANCTUARY. Churches were there to protect everybody. But now I see that churches and their patrons are not holy by any stretch of the word.

They can commit federal offenses such as hacking another website, to preclude needed campaign donations.

They can exploit and manipulate children, particularly aiming toward minorities.

They can preach intolerance, bigotry, hate.

They can spend millions of dollars from out of state donors to launch an ad campaign, overflowing with blatant lies, even when the lies have already been refuted by state officials, law professors, congregations in support of equality, former mormon and religious scholars, medical practitioners, etc.

A no-on-8 girl was asking a yes-on-8 girl, “Could you imagine the fear I had to go through growing up? People would wait at the top of a hill so they could throw rocks at me and my girlfriend.”

The yes-on-8 girl said, “I know how that feels. People have been throwing stuff out their windows, shouting obscenities, etc.” Very nerve-y answer. She initiated it by proposing and protesting for discrimination while the other girl was just expressing love.

This is a very ass backwards campaign/proposition (pardon the pun.)

I asked someone, “I see you are wearing a shirt tonight. Does that mean I am wearing a blouse?”

I asked someone, “What does it matter what Jim and Bob do in their house, in their life? How does it really effect your life?”

He said, “It doesn’t.”

I said, “Then why are you so hell bent against them getting married.”

His answer, “Because I don’t tolerate it.”

Sigh, we are fighting against insane people, and had they received no out of state funding, this would have been a wash already. So not only is religion controlling California, but so is Utah. And you all need to get flipping angry about it. Another state is pulling California’s strings. Much like the rolling black-outs due to privatization of energy companies.

Really, why would anyone want to monopolize the word, marriage? It makes me not want to marry, like marriage is only allowed if you are in a secret club or something, when it is supposed to be about celebrating love. As a heterosexual girl, they are taking that right from me, too. I don't want an inequality, even if it favours me.

I told that to a woman who already absentee-d her yes. She agreed, but said, "To me, god is more imortant than people."

I marched with the yes on 8 as a joke, chanting "yes on 8" while performing the nazi salute. Trying to wake them up a little bit, and open their eyes to what hate they are spreading. You can't shake them. They are like alien robots and they have a strange odor too.

The long and short: Sweet land of liberty only applies to white hetero christian men, and it helps, too, if you are rich.

We need to protect equality by Voting NO on 8, or you are next.

And I am not sure I will be there to stand up for you when it comes your turn.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Oh, my grossness.

I cannot drive by a “yes on 8” street corner rally without instantly becoming thunderously angry, and I will admit it: I roll down my window, and use my freedom of speech to tell them what inbred pathetically religious prejudiced jerk-butts they are. And occasionally I will throw an old taco bell wrapper at them.

I live here, in this world. And people are trying to take an equal right away from me?

Mind you, I am a heterosexual girl, in a hetero relationship. I am afforded the right to marry a man. I would be absolutely devastated if anyone took that right from me. However, some stupid religious right is trying to make it so one whole group of people cannot get married. That turns my right to marry unequal.

I am no better than anyone else: I support love, equality, and freedom. I will not be treated better than anyone else.

How is it that a man who strays from his wife is still legally permitted to, how do they word it, oh, “protect the sanctity of marriage”? Or a self-confessed convict is allowed the right to marry. Even former chesters.

How about hermaphrodites? Can we single them out, too? Are they allowed the constitutional right to the pursuit of happiness? What about, dare I say, interracial marriages? Fifty years ago, that was frowned upon and considered immoral.

Oh, and, my personal favourite. Proponents of yes on 8 have spent well over $25 million trying to take away a right from people whose lives don’t even effect them. I could give two sh*ts who marries who/does what. I am force fed enough Brangelina, Britney, and Iraq war that I have no room to interfere in other people’s lives. I am trying to live my own, in a country who rigs its voting booths, and wages fraudulent wars.

There are seven year old girls being sold into marriage in other countries. I have an idea. Let’s take this $25 million and save those girls, and protect them instead of trying to prohibit two consensual adults who are in love from getting married. Or, we could help people who are living on less than a dollar a day. No! Why could we? They probably made the Yes on 8 shirts in some sweatshop anyway.

This is, at the very least, regressive. Those of you who do not support homosexuality, fine. But think of it this way: If we strip a whole group of people of their rights now, who is to say you are not next?

We could try to impose the same rules to people of a certain creed, or certain religious affiliation. If 8 passes, it will set a precedent. A dangerous precedent.

If you don’t like something, why bother over-involving yourself in their life? If I didn’t like the colour blue, I could make a conscience effort not to buy something blue, but if someone wore a blue shirt near me, I could do one of two things: Badger and oppress the hell out of them, or, I could choose to not pay attention to their blue shirt.

Grow the hell up, people. This proposition has created a ruckus and is causing people great sadness. In my opinion, stealing someone’s smile from them is far worse a sin than vowing to love and honour someone for the remainder of eternity.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Epilepsy and Medicinal Marijuana

I was researching Epilepsy and found two videos on youtube, and I would like to share them. They were able to embed, so I placed them here.

The first shows the importance of medicinal marijuana. It is very graphic; shows a grand mal seizure taking place. The announcer explains in perfect detail what is happening.

She will turn blue, at which point, she is deprived of oxygen. Epilepsy is frightening, because you can't predict when the seizures will overcome you. They can be deadly. You can crack your head on something, you could choke on your tongue, the electric spasms could be overwhelming enough that they kill you, you could have one in a pool/bathtub and drown, etc.

You will read different opinions on what is proper treatment during a seizure. In my opinion, whoever is their caretaker/roommate/family member/sister, etc .. must know CPR. People can go braindead as soon as four minutes without oxygen transpires.

I have mixed views about calling an ambulance. They charge $80 for oxygen, $60 for the disposable blanket (and damn straight, I will take that blanket with me), and $500 for a five mile transport. Follow that with a $2500 emergency room fee, and the $250 doctor's hourly rate. That is in the US. Where we do not yet have universal health coverage. Because we are idiots.

So, not only can you narrowly pass being comatose for life, but your congratulations is going at least another $3000 in debt. Oh joy.

An excerpt from the 2001 filing from the American Public Health Association lists:

Marijuana is effective in controlling seizures

Clinical experience and emerging research further indicate that marijuana can help control epileptic seizures.(45) Cannabidiol (CBD), one of the primary (and nonpsychoactive) cannabinoids present in the cannabis plant, appears to be of particular benefit, allowing patients who ingest it at certain times to avoid seizure activity. Some epileptics who cannot tolerate other antiseizure medications have been able to use marijuana to successfully control their seizures, without experiencing debilitating side effects.

We need to conduct more research on medicinal marijuana, we must most certainly industrialize hemp, allowing us to generate green fuels so we can finally exit the war over oil and the petro dollar, and we need to do this without anyone's lives getting ruined because our government's prohibition. Another educating site that helps us move forward (and is tax deductible should you donate):

The second shows some inbred kids pulling a prank: faking a siezure at a crowded mall. The comments they receive are very interesting to track. They are dipshits. Funny is shouting in a library, not faking an episode in a crowded mall. It's enjoyable to watch, because you see all the people who care enough come to his rescue. Nowadays its hard to even smile when you walk by someone on the street.

I understand wanting to push the envelope. I don't care if you want to make fun of someone who flails around and piss themselves. What matters is that a paramedic had shown to the site. That medic was needed elsewhere for a legitimate call.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Get your memorial hotcomments graphics ready! That's right. It's nine eleven.

Some seven years after our govment’s inside job on the World Trade Center. Let’s make a big stink, shall we, trudging up old ghosts of anted deaths. We needed 9/11 to wage our war over oil, oops, I mean oil. Oops, what I meant to say was oil. Argh! I did it again. I mean to say we needed this homeland tragedy so we could wage war over weapons of mass destruction and have citizen support.

Let's have a candle holding ceremony and close business so we can remember the victims and their families. That sounds swell. As if they are not remembering for themselves. I am sure they remember with all the overplayed footage of the buildings rumbling down, or watching their significant other jump out the 65th floor window. Perhaps the funeral bills, and the eerie silence around the house could suffice.

What about the girl shot to death by a group of men hired by her parents? She was nine when they arranged her marriage to a 45-year-old man. She grew to an adult age and went to court to have the marriage annulled. She walked out of court, was surrounded by the group of men, and killed, needlessly, and foolishly. All in the name of tradition.

Or what about the three women buried alive because they wanted to choose who they could marry? Can we light a candle for them and crowd the media with their stories?

No. No, we can't. For the same reasons we can’t find green fuels, and non genetically modified food. Because we are busy wasting our resources keeping two men or two women who are very much in love from marrying each other. Because we are busy dumbing down the nation with fascinating stories of which celebrity is too thin, horror stories of which strand of spinach somehow has mad cow disease, what's Brittney doing now, "hook your friend up with my momma" (the new reality tv show), did Obama make a sexist attack on Palin by using an old adage about a pig wearing lipstick? ....

Just because Palin does resemble a pig does not mean that the comment was a strike at her. Though it was. Obama is savvy enough to have pulled Hillary's chair out and offer her a seat, as a heroic gentleman, reinforcing that he is a brawny man and she is a dainty little woman.

As far as the tidbit with Palin - she herself, is a sexist. She is knowingly playing the role of the token woman as a strategic ploy to win the crossover states' Hillary fans. She knows she was not nominated for her accomplishments, but because Alaska is somewhat mysterious and disconnected from the continental-US, and more importantly, because she has a poon-any.

If I were to make a sexist remark about a candidate using the word "lipstick", it would have little to do with a pig. It would have more to do with what can be performed while wearing lipstick, and in reference to the subject matter, probably performed poorly.

This world is a ball of shit. Sorry, offend you, I might. That usually is my intention. But, I am just voicing what we are all thinking but are too pussy to do anything about.

Now go do the right thing.

Monday, September 1, 2008

I absolutely love optical illusions. This one had me do a second take. Believe it or not, I found it in a webpage that gives free graphics for social networks, et al. And, thus, I will embed it.

Optical Illusion
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