Sunday, April 11, 2010

Come Out!

I ask that you all take a moment to look at the scarlet letter "A" I just added to my blog. It is clickable, and will take you to the out campaign. Not enough atheists organize and that needs to change. We are proven to be more intelligent than people who subscribe to a theological god, and we need to put our good nature to good use. Too many people associate atheism with satanism and human sacrifices, and denounce our charity and humanity work, and we need to come together to prove them wrong.


We have a real crisis on our hands.

Hello, my fellow blogolians. I welcome my three public followers, and yes, I did bribe you to subscribe. Ain't no shame. But, I have a random anonymous follower, and I will chronically mention you in all my posts, which will now be done on Sundays. That is right. I have hereby named Sunday as the blog worship day.

With all the smokescreens surrounding the healthcare reform bill, and a dramatic election year, we have all seemingly been unaware of a true epidemic, nay, a pandemic.

While we all know the republicans and conservatives are the roots of all evil, this comes with little explanation of its birth and why society has grown so accepting of it. I bring to you - the rise of Zac Efron. (Insert cheesey startling music with a random scream here)

At first glance, you see the boy next door, quite literally, cowlick to boot. His singing is on the nasal side, and his looks are not the typical hot man appeal, and yet, the second you look into those baby blues, you are a slave to their charm.

It doesn't stop with Zac Efron, but boy boppers are popping up everywhere. Just look at this newest phenomenon: Justin Bieber. Again, not very aesthetically pleasing, the singing makes me quiver - in a bad way, but, he has attracted oodles of fans. And you just can't look away.

They are like the boy version Britney Spears. Parts are attractive, the singing is questionable, and yet, they are assimiliating the public. We must do something.