Thursday, November 6, 2008

Let's over-rule 8.

In addition to this going to higher courts, Every NO on 8 - see this petition, and sign it. It will urge the governor to reopen the proposition; it highlights all the misinformation the yes_on_8's provided our citizens, and its filthy discriminatory basis.

Send this to everyone you know over and over and over.

And the yes_on_8's who regret their decision, having been fraudulently lead to a wrong vote, sign as well.


dragonlord10 said...

Thats a wonderful way to convince voters. Insult them, marginalize them, tell them their beliefs, traditions, and culture doesn't mean anything. It has to be your way, or your way. No room for debate or discussion, much less compromise.

I love how you equate the so called "plight" of the gays with that of blacks. I can't really remember a time where gays were beaten with rubber hoses, batons, had attack dogs set loose on them. I don't remember gays getting tossed around with water cannons or having the national guard deployed to help them get to school with the U.S. Marshal's. Tell me, do you know of any restaurants that are "straight" only? How about water fountains that have little placards that say "AIDS/Gay Only" and "Straights Only"? No?

You keep going back to the Jews. Somehow preserving marriage is tantamount to rounding you all up and putting you in concentration camps. I don't understand this view.

Here is the our bone of contention: You refuse to understand why we value marriage as a cornerstone of our society. You are blind to it by choice. That makes you, guess what? A bigot! The same words you use against us. You hate us because we have a value and a standard that was set and adhered to for thousands of years. You demonstrated to us that the only values that mean anything are yours. The only people allowed to have an opinion is you. The only people allowed to have morals and standards are you. You have contempt for people who believe in their families and their children. You have no respect for those people or compassion. It is all about you, your selfishness and greed. If we truly wanted to strip gays of anything and everything, we would have done away with civil unions and domestic partnerships. We didn't. Yet you insist on violating our rights and steam rolling us with your lifestyle choice.

Funny thing. Outside of Michael Jackson, I can't think of one black man that tried to change his color. He never had a choice. The same for women. They never picked their sex. Gays on the other hand, I have tons of ex gays roaming around. They changed. They wanted to change. They were tired of being gay. You know what? I have seen the hate gays pile on the ex gays. The almighty tolerant, loving, diverse, accepting, and understanding gays literally explode whenever they deal ex gays. Like you, gays don't believe that people should have choice or an opinion and once your gay, you can never be anything else. Sad.

I have a girlfriend in the OC. She is a transsexual. I can't tell you how much crap gays gave her when she had surgery to remove her testicles so she continue with the SRS. It got so bad, she just stopped to her favorite and hangouts because she was always mistreated, not by straights, but by gays. I guess with gays, we just have to tolerate them but when it comes time for them and you to tolerate us, you refuse. Your comments above show the hatred you and a good portion of the LBG community has for us and your inability to accept defeat on the battlefield.

I have friends in Los Angeles who voted No on Prop 8. They said it really didn't matter to them what you did. After they saw how you all reacted, especially in some cases going at it with the cops, and reading the venom here, they want to take their votes back. Think about that. All the people who were on the fence just saw how you all treated the people who believe strongly in institution of marriage and defended it. They saw your true colors. Hateful, spiteful, filled with contempt, poisonous words and rage directed to mothers, fathers, sons and their daughters.

You can't pick and choose your democracy. So I guess you might as well shoot for a liberal dictatorship since no one else is allowed (in your world) to stand for anything.

ladybugmagic said...

Dragonlord10 - I almost thought what you wrote was a joke; I will never agree with you on anything. You are no victim in this matter, nor is anyone who voted yes_on_8.

Their parental rights were not affected, their freedom of speech has always remained in tact, gays have not assimilated and infertilized the world...

I have my life to lead now, am doing what research I can to find out how I can help to overrule 8.

I am not marginalizing anyone - the prop itself did. As our presidential elect put it: divise and discriminatory.

The peace to be found is that this will make it to supreme court level and eventually nationalize gay marriag (boo-hoo Utah).

I did it again; I marginalized. Or, made a logical statement. The majority of the funding of this prop came from Utah. Sick.

I keep going back to the Jews and Blacks, because this is where it starts, the creation of a second class citizen, and ethnic cleansing. Homosexuals were sent to die at the concentration camps, also.

Well, gay marriage will be legal soon, so the religous right will come up with something else. Perhaps gothic people with blue hair and a tongue piercing should be on the lookout.

If any gay person ragged on your tranny girlfriend, that is wrong. You know that.

Please see this statement - it says it all: