Sunday, January 17, 2010

My American Idol 2010

I planned to boycott American Idol this year, but may watch because of Ellen. Last season's homophobic voting scandal soured me to the show. As if the producers did not see on their very own website people commenting that they would not vote for Adam because he is a "cornholing fudgepacker".

Oh, come on. Are we expected to think they live in a bubble, and did not see the posts about "needing a believer" to be the winner. It was internet and entertainment-show wide, internationally! It was no secret.

Some people voted for Kris legitimately thinking he had the talent and did not like Adam's screeches, but a lot voted because he was a hetero. Whatevs. It sucks for both of the contenders and belittles both of their talents, but I do think Adam came out on top, in that he is not contracted with the show, and got to explore his own business ventures.

And now, they welcome Ellen as their judge, on gay fan damage control. It's a political ploy at best, but I am very excited about it. Ellen is hilarious and very down to earth, and she will help narrow the gap between the phobes and those who "dance on the right side of history".

Andrew Fenlon. Who couldn't blog about this guy? I only heard clips of it on the radio, but watched on youtube. Sigh ... my hero.

Thank you Ellen, for all your "no on 8 work", and for this commentary below.

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