Saturday, January 16, 2010

Prop 8 (Prop Hate) ... see what its done!

Finally, we are at the first federal level of the prop 8 trial! This is groundbreaking, and I think will open a lot of eyes and show what a hateful and discriminatory act this prop was.

Here is a very important video to watch.

It cites a brief list of 40 things that have occurred showing that discrimination against the GLBT community is very obvious, despite the proponents trying to say that the movie "Brokeback Mountain" is a reason why that is not true.

I will tell you what sucks most. I am in California, but I was born in Jersey and spent half my life there. Marriage equality was defeated, there, too. I am just another straight against prop 8. This blows, so much, because people are better than this. Divisiveness and inequality is not the christian thing to do. You haters should all rally up in Utah and secede and lead your own country run by Palin.

Two daddys show their family doing day to day things. Hardly satanic or worthy of burning a city down, if you ask me.

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